During this pandemic, a large number of Bosnian people will lose their jobs and probably their only source of income. Families will face severe difficulties, this will make the already difficult situation in Bosnia even worse.

With the schools being closed to limit the spread of coronavirus, and people being at risk of losing their jobs, children will inevitably face a food shortage at home. In the upcoming weeks, we will make it possible for parents of children who receive our support to get one bread instead of a school lunch. However, one bread per day is not enough. We therefore want to send food packages to Bosnian families in need. Schools select the families who need help, their suppliers take care of the distribution. We cover all the additional costs, so that 100% of your donation goes to the families.

Your donation will provide primary necessities to those families who are struggling with the consequences of the Corona crisis. Your help makes the difference. No gift is too small.