What a year it has been! The year 2020 was an unprecedented one, full of  challenges and changes. Despite that, and thanks to your unwavering support, Charity Bosnian Kids was able to deliver on some significant results. We are eternally grateful for your support and for becoming a part of our global community. Your support made it possible for us to contribute to the realization of a carefree childhood for children across Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

What we have accomplished together

In 2020, we exceeded our fundraising goals by providing daily lunches for 256 children across Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Thanks to both corporate and individual donations, we managed to gather €54.165 in 2020. In line with our donations policy, 100% of each donation will go towards helping children and their families. This is one of our key principles and we aspire to guarantee that in the future. 

Challenges and distribution of funds

As the pandemic evolved schools had to reorganize themselves by adopting to online teaching, which resulted in an obstacle for providing daily lunches to children. Following consultation with teachers and principals of the schools we work with, we decided to deliver food parcels with primary necessities. Thanks to your generous support and creating awareness through word-of-mouth, we managed to gather donations for 244 food parcels (each €102), of which, 221 were distributed to families across Bosnia. These food parcels did not only give relief to the parents, but also brought joy to the children. 

“Unfortunately, as you can see for yourself, we have a lot of students who live in really difficult conditions. Distributing the food parcels was very emotional. They really made families happy, especially the children.”

– Armin, principal of Elementary School Podorašje

New initiative

As our contact with the schools remained strong through the year, we also realized that another challenge Bosnian parents have to deal with, is the purchase of books and other school supplies at the beginning of the school year. 

As soon as we realized that there was an opportunity for us to help, we decided to set up a pilot to see if we could do this in an effective and efficient way. With the help of Ikra Foundation, a charity located in the Netherlands, we gathered donations for the purchase of school necessities for 15 pupils from the Zahid Baručija elementary school. Thereafter we supplied school books for another 15 pupils from elementary school Podorašje. The books that are being used by these children will be returned to the school at the end of the school year, in order for other pupils to use them afterwards. We hope to continue this initiative during the school year of 2021/2022. 

Fundraising for 2021/2022

Poverty is a massive national problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has negative short and long-term effects on the development of children. Our goal is to assist children and their families with the hope that it will provide some form of strength and foundation to their development.  

We hope that with your help we will be able to contribute to a carefree childhood and a better progress in school of Bosnian children. For this reason, we have set ambitious goals for 2021: 

  • Provide 600 pupils their daily lunch in school during the upcoming school year, 
  • Distribute 300 food parcels with primary necessities to families. 
  • Initiate new projects that focus on the education of children.

Two-Year Financial Statement

Current Year (2020)Previous Year (2019)
Individual donations€47,460.19€8,301.57
Corporate donations€5,849.96€2,460.00
Fundraising events€0.00€1,075.00
Overhead compensation€855.36€700.00
Total Income€54,165.51€12,536.57
Food at school initiative
– ZAHID BARUCIJA€0.00€2,635.00
– AVDO SMAILOVIC€0.00€915.00
– JU SKOLA OTOKA€0.00€3,000.00
– VRHBOSNA€0.00€1,544.00
– MUSA CAZIM CATIC€1,535.00€2,330.00
– MIROSLAV KRLEZA€2,780.00€0.00
– IZET SABIC€1,620.00€0.00
– MAK DIZDAR€3,860.00€0.00
– PODORASJE€960.00€0.00
Food parcels at home initiative
– ZAHID BARUCIJA€6,735.00€0.00
– JU SKOLA OTOKA€4,000.00€0.00
– VRHBOSNA€2,555.00€0.00
– MUSA CAZIM CATIC€3,570.00€0.00
– PODORASJE€4,915.00€0.00
School books initiative
– ZAHID BARUCIJA€1,275.00€0.00
– PODORASJE€1,105.00€0.00
– Bank transfer costs€568.25€221.11
– Payment provider€520.85€61.35
– Web hosting€79.90€79.90
– Material face masks€24.00€0.00
Total Expenses€37,319.00€10,786.36