To all our supporters, we want to wish a joyful, healthy and happy 2020!

We are grateful for the developments in 2019 and the impact we were able to make. In this report we want to outline what we have accomplished together! Charity Bosnian Kids is officially operating since May 2018, and 2019 was the first time we were able to see the results of a whole year. 

In financial terms, during 2019 we were able to generate an income of €12.500. This income was mostly generated through donations, both corporate and individual. As we guaranteed then, and will do in the future, 100% of the donations will go to the children. 

In previous updates we announced that we were providing meals for 84 children from 2 different schools. From last October till the end of the year, we found 2 more schools to collaborate with. This left us supporting 149 kids for the school year of 2019/2020, we consider this as a great accomplishment!

To give an overview, children from the following schools received our financial aid in school year 2019/2020: 

  • Elementary school “Otoka”, in Bosanska Otoka (42 kids)
  • Elementary school “Zahid Baručija” in Vogošća (42 kids)
  • Elementary school ‘’Vrhbosna’’ in Sarajevo (15 kids)
  • Elementary school ‘’Musa Ćazim Ćatić’’ in Zenica (50 kids)

Elementary school Vrhbosna Sarajevo

We visited this school recently and were welcomed warmly by the principle. There were 15 children in need for financial aid in the second half of the school year and we were happy to provide for that. At the same time, the principle explained that 6 of those children are situated almost in extreme poverty, which is why we provided food packages worth €154 each for those families through the supplier of the school. This is something we haven’t done before, but in this way we stick to the core of our charity that focuses on providing food for children. 

Through this school we came into contact with elementary school Musa Ćazim Ćatić in Zenica, where 50 children were excluded from the lunch at school. We made a donation that makes it possible for them to join the lunch after the winter break until the end of the school year. 

The payments that have been made, guarantee daily meals in school until the end of the school year of 2019/2020. For the new year, we have set several objectives in order to grow and help even more children in need:

School searching for collaboration

One of our objectives this year was to provide daily meals for at least 300 children. Due to difficulties in finding schools to collaborate with, this ended up being a harder task than expected. With learning from this experience and broadening our network, we were able to collaborate with more schools after all. The objective for 2020 is to find more schools and providing aid for 300 children. 

Fundraising for 2020/2021

After a successful 2019, we aspire to continue with our work and provide financial aid for more kids in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In order to expand our impact and reach, fundraising is going to be a main objective for the upcoming year. Our fundraising goal for the upcoming year is € 21.000. It is possible to make a donation (either one-time only or recurring) through our donation page

Raising awareness

As stated many times already, we believe in making impact together, not only through donations but also by raising awareness. For that reason, we kindly ask you keep sharing our project with relatives and friends so we can raise awareness for this issue and let our community grow! 

Two-year financial statement

Current Year (2019)Previous Year (2018)
Individual donations€ 8,301.57€ 2,296.66
Corporate donations€ 2,460.00€ 1,410.00
Fundraising events€ 1,075.00€ 388.00
Overhead compensation€ 700.00€ 500.00
Total income€ 12,536.57€ 4,594.66
Food at school project
– Zahid Barucija€ 2,635.00€ 2,030.00
– Avdo Smailovic€ 915.00€ 2,050.00
– JU Skola Otoka€ 3,000.00€ 0.00
– Vrhbosna€ 1,544.00€ 0.00
– Musa Cazim Catic€ 2,330.00€ 0.00
– Bank transfer costs€ 221.11€ 114.00
– Webhosting€ 79.90€ 69.90
Total expenses€ 10,725.01€ 4,263.90

Thank you

We would like to thank you so much for your support this year and we hope you will stick around with us a little more. Make sure you follow us on our social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.

May you have any questions or comments regarding our project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to join in a conversation.