Welcome to our 2021 financial statement.

2021 was another year of uncertainty for many across the globe. Bosnia and Herzegovina as many of you know already struggled with high poverty rates upon the start of the pandemic, yet COVID-19 impacted Bosnian households even more in many ways including job loss, higher prices of food and other basic goods, disruptions to health care services and also education.

We have witnessed these developments more closely by being in close contact with teachers from the schools we collaborate with. The poor were hit the hardest, and were struggling the most to provide for their families. This has resulted in more requests for help, in more parts across the country.

What we have accomplished in 2021

Thanks to our generous donors we managed to raise €46,602.32 in 2021. This enables us to increase the number of children who receive a daily lunch at school to 444. These children will receive a daily lunch at school until the end of the school year 2021/2022.

By working closely together with 10 elementary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina we have identified the children who need our help the most. 147 families living in severe poverty have received a food parcel, each worth €102. The funds we raised for our school book initiative will be used next year, as we had no requests for school books this year.

Fundraising for 2022/2023

Poverty has many adverse effects on children and their development. We want to make a positive impact in the lives of the children who already receive our help, by continuing to provide necessary help to them next school year. In other words, our fundraising goal is set to at least 444 kids in 2022/2023.

Two-Year Financial Statement

In total we have donated €52,655 to 10 elementary schools. With the remaining funds of last year combined with the raised donations of this year, we were able to have higher expenses than income.

Current Year (2021)Previous Year (2020)
Individual donations€41,821.05€47,460.19
Corporate donations€3,131.27€5,849.96
Fundraising events€350.00€0.00
Overhead compensation€1,300.00€855.36
Total Income€46,602.32€54,165.51
Food at school initiative
– ZAHID BARUCIJA€1,280.00€0.00
– MUSA CAZIM CATIC€8,785.00€1,535.00
– MIROSLAV KRLEZA€4,170.00€2,780.00
– IZET SABIC€2,300.00€1,620.00
– MAK DIZDAR€4,230.00€3,860.00
– PODORASJE€1,995.00€960.00
– HASAN KIKIC€3,620.00€0.00
– DONJA VIDOVSKA€2,230.00€0.00
– ALEKSA SANTIC€4,435.00€0.00
– SREDNJE€4,585.00€0.00
Food parcels at home initiative
– ZAHID BARUCIJA€3,050.00€6,735.00
– JU SKOLA OTOKA€0.00€4,000.00
– VRHBOSNA€0.00€2,555.00
– MUSA CAZIM CATIC€0.00€3,570.00
– MIROSLAV KRLEZA€2,755.00€0.00
– PODORASJE€2,460.00€4,915.00
– HASAN KIKIC€2,160.00€0.00
– SREDNJE€2,250.00€0.00
– KISELJAK€2,350.00€0.00
School books initiative
– ZAHID BARUCIJA€0.00€1,275.00
– PODORASJE€0.00€1,105.00
– Bank transfer costs€625.90€568.25
– Payment provider€564.32€520.85
– Web hosting€89.90€79.90
– Material face masks€0.00€24.00
Total Expenses€53,935.12€37,319.00