What a year 2022 has been. For you, for us, for all people across the world. It was full of uncertainties but also reliefs. Where restrictions due to the pandemic were mostly lifted, we started to witness another tensive period in time, also known as the cost of living crisis.

What did this mean for us? Like many among us, we saw the prices of primary necessities going through the roof. And that had an immense impact on the lives of families across Bosnia and Herzegovina. Your help is what made us able to do the work despite the challenges, thank you for that!

Two-Year Financial Statement

This years’ financial statement covers both 2022 and 2021. In total, we donated €51,873 in that time! We provided 445 children across nine different schools with a daily school lunch for this entire school year. The table below shows what schools we work with to provide children with a daily school lunch, text books or food parcels at home.

On behalf of the families and children in Bosnia and Herzegovina we would like to express our gratitude. Let’s continue to make a difference in their lives!

Financial Statement 2022

Current Year (2022)Previous Year (2021)
Individual donations€48,039.25€41,821.05
Corporate donations€2,945.00€3,131.27
Fundraising events€3,905.00€350.00
Overhead compensation€1,300.00€1,300.00
Total Income€56,189.25€46,602.32
Food at school initiative
– ZAHID BARUCIJA€5,104.50€1,280.00
– MUSA CAZIM CATIC€5,411.93€8,785.00
– MIROSLAV KRLEZA€5,051.14€4,170.00
– IZET SABIC€2,920.50€2,300.00
– MAK DIZDAR€5,411.93€4,230.00
– PODORASJE€4,420.00€1,995.00
– HASAN KIKIC€5,465.00€3,620.00
– DONJA VIDOVSKA€3,333.00€2,230.00
– ALEKSA SANTIC€3,900.00€4,435.00
– SREDNJE€0.00€4,585.00
Food parcels at home initiative
– ZAHID BARUCIJA€2,025.00€3,050.00
– MIROSLAV KRLEZA€0.00€2,755.00
– PODORASJE€5,434.00€2,460.00
– HASAN KIKIC€2,365.00€2,160.00
– SREDNJE€0.00€2,250.00
– KISELJAK€0.00€2,350.00
School books initiative
– HASAN KIKIC€695.00€0.00
– PODORASJE€336.00€0.00
– Bank transfer costs€582.64€625.90
– Payment provider€587.72€564.32
– Web hosting€109.90€89.90
Total Expenses€53,153.26€53,935.12