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Financial Statement 2021 – Our Fourth Year

Welcome to our 2021 financial statement. 2021 was another year of uncertainty for many across the globe. Bosnia and Herzegovina as many of you know already struggled with high poverty rates upon the start of the pandemic, yet COVID-19 impacted Bosnian households even more in many ways including job loss, higher prices of food and..

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Daily Lunch Secured For 444 Kids

The commencement of this school year was a busy period for us. The number of children whose parents could not afford daily lunch at schools increased since onsite teaching resumed. We worked tirelessly with our partner schools and suppliers to make arrangements to provide daily lunches to these children. In addition to the schools we..

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This was our third year (2020)

What a year it has been! The year 2020 was an unprecedented one, full of  challenges and changes. Despite that, and thanks to your unwavering support, Charity Bosnian Kids was able to deliver on some significant results. We are eternally grateful for your support and for becoming a part of our global community. Your support..

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