It is with honor to share with you that recently we have been in contact with the members of the Izzy Fund, who donated $1.000 in honor of Ismet Gacanovic.

The general director of Ismet Gacanovic’s former company wrote:

“Ismet Gacanovic was an incredible man. The Izzy Fund was created in 2017 shortly after his diagnosis.

Ismet’s story in the US started in 2002 as he began with 128 Plumbing & Heating, Inc. where he worked for 16 years. His personality, hard work and values made an inspirational impact with everyone around him. After his passing, the Izzy Fund was created to memorialize everything Izzy stood for.

Ismet’s family always came first. His son Laris and daughter Minela are incredible people currently living in the US and his wife Larisa, an equally caring person is also living and enjoying her life as a grandmother.

Americans will never truly understand the struggles many Bosnian families endured, and will never understand the life of a refugee. Ismet was special, there was just something about him. His strength and values were a magnet. A magnet that people felt and pulled in to. You were better for knowing Izzy.

After his diagnosis, our company made a video to honor his legacy with the company. This is about a year before he passed away.

A tribute to Ismet, a Bosnian refugee, a US citizen, and an exemplary father who touched the lives of everyone who knew him through his resilience, humility, and desire to help others.”

We are immensely grateful that the Izzy Fund and Ismet Gacanovic’s family chose to memorialize his name by making a donation to Charity: Bosnian Kids. This donation is making a big difference for Bosnian families in need who are dealing with the consequences of the pandemic. We wrote this blog for you to read, in order to contribute to memorializing the name of a highly respected man to so many.