How do you know that the money goes to the children?

A school has a supplier of school meals. They deliver the food for the children that have been paid for. We never give the money to the school directly, but instead, we pay the supplier. We only inform the school about how many children we’ve paid for so that they can make sure they receive the correct amount of school meals.

How do you make contact with schools?

Schools find us. We receive requests from the director of the school asking us for support. They let us know how many parents can’t afford the school meals for their children, it is only for those children that we seek donations.

How do you know that parents aren’t just waiting for donations?

We never commit in advance to the amount of money we could collect for a school. The director of the school can only make a request for a child in cases where parents haven’t paid for their children’s lunches at the start of the school year. We will only make donations for school meals based on a concrete request if we manage to collect enough money.

Which percentage of my donation goes to the children?

100% of your donation goes to the children. All operational costs are beared by the founders of the foundation. This will always stay this way.

How can I help?

This can be done in many ways. Besides donations, promotion of the foundation is welcomed. Some people give out flyers to their friends, family, and colleagues. This has gotten us various donations from companies, and this has led to spontaneous donation actions amongst colleagues. All help is welcome! Our flyers can be requested free of charge through our contact form or downloaden in English, Bosnian or Dutch.



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