We have arranged a donation drop-off point for personal hygiene products, school supplies and clothing in Vogošća, Sarajevo.

Over time we realised that many people would like to help locally, which is why we are offering you the opportunity to do so. We collect donated goods at the elementary school, sort them and distribute them to the children based on their needs.


You are able to come by our drop-off point with your goods. Please make sure these are firmly packed in a box or bag that can be opened easily as goods may be repacked.


Please contact us, so we can schedule an appointment.


Elementary school Zahid Baručija, Omladinska 14, Vogošća.


The children vary from 6 to 15 years old. Please pay attention to the goods listed here. We understand that you may have other goods you would like to donate with the best intention. Though, this list is discussed with the school and based on the needs of the children. Do you have something to donate that is not on this list? Please reach out to us first via e-mail or Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

  • School supplies: notebooks, pens, markers, colouring pencils, pencil cases, erasers, backpacks, (triangle) rulers, calculators, sharpeners
  • Personal hygiene: deodorant (male/female/unisex), tampons, period pads, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shower gel, hand sanitizer
  • Clothing: all types of clothes or shoes, new or used, clean and in good condition.