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Donated to Otoka elementary school for 2019/2020

At the beginning of the school year 2019/2020, the board of elementary school Otoka (Bosanska Otoka) reached out to us with an appeal for help. The appeal was meant for 42 pupils whose parents are not financially able to pay for their children’s daily meals in school. Thanks to your help and effort, we are..

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This was our first year (2018)

It is heartwarming to see how many people are touched by our foundation. This is not only reflected by the numerous donations, but also through the warm and kind words we receive. We’re pleased to share with you a brief overview of the past year. Our foundation was founded in early 2018. We are committed..

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Donated to Avdo Smailovic 2018/2019

We are proud to inform you that, thanks to your help, we have done a payment to bakery NERO on behalf of the school ‘Avdo Smailovic’. With the first part of our donation we provide daily school meals for 54 children until February 2019, with the second part until May 2019. The fundraising continues for..

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